Whether you know someone who has recently moved to a new home or someone who appreciates their space, gifts for the home are always popular this time of year. If you’re looking for a host gift at a holiday party or a Christmas gift to open on the big day, there are so many great finds out there.

Here are our Top 10 gifts for the home in 2017:

Woodlot Candles

These fragrant coconut- and soy-based candles were born in Vancouver in 2014. With names like Flora, Cascadia, and Wildwoods, the selection of scents was inspired by the West Coast nature that surrounds us.

$26 – 39



Barter Grow Pots

The ceramic pots in Terracotta or Earthenware are Canadian-made and simple vessels to hold greenery throughout the home.


Barter Pot


Baby Elephant DIY Paperlamp

Know a new parent? This adorable paper light by OWLpaperlamps is perfect for a nursery. The Lisbon-based company also has whales, penguins, rabbits, and turtles, each offered in a variety of colours.


Baby Elephant Light


Robot Alarm Clock

For the friend who wants to severe a connection with their phone at night, this robot will wake them up the “old fashioned” way.




Roost Aragon Marble Coasters

The marble and brass pairing creates a stylish place to rest a glass or mug. Available in sets of 4.


Roost Coasters


Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

Make the perfect cup of coffee every morning with this beautifully functional design by Fellow. A built-in brew-range thermometer and counterbalanced handle really enhance your coffee game.

$69 – 99 (US)



Cool Breather Wine Carafe

Keep white wine fresh, aerated, and cool with the Cool Breather.


Cool Breahter


Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Skillet

For the chef in your life. The traditional Japanese cast iron is less than half the weight of a typical cast iron skillet, making it manageable with one hand.

$180 (US)



OFS Brushed Bent Brass Table Lamp

Made in Vancouver, this table lamp is part of Old Faithful Shop’s lighting collection. It’s a modern yet timeless addition to any room.




Trestles Throw

This cozy throw is welcome during chilly nights and looks good merely folded on a couch.