Giving Back

Giving back to our communities, cities, and employees has been part of Qualico’s mission for over 70 years. To date, Qualico has donated over $1.1M to the Surrey Hospital Foundation in addition to being Reception Sponsors for their annual Celebration of Care Gala. Recent donations of $100,000 to both the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Peach Arch Hospital Foundation will also provide funding to build new departments and expansions to the spaces that keep our communities safe, happy and healthy.

Qualico® Acts of Kindness

The Acts of Kindness program is an employee-driven initiative that encourages people throughout the company to nominate local charities and not-for-profits that are important to them. This allows employees to bring forward causes that are near and dear to their hearts – personal connections are what makes Acts of Kindness such a powerful and meaningful program. Through volunteer days, fund-raising, and year-round donations to various organizations across the lower mainland, we’re dedicated to keeping our neighborhoods thriving.