We know you have lots of things to store away. Christmas decorations, sporting equipment, toys from your youth… the list goes on and on. Even everyday items, like towels, cleaning supplies, and kitchen gadgets, need somewhere to live when you’re not using them. The key to keeping everything organized is optimizing the storage you have or adding new storage solutions. Read on for ways to keep all your possessions from turning into piles of clutter.

Before we dive into storage tricks, it’s time for you to clear out what you don’t actually need. Work through your home, from room to room, and methodically sort your closets, cabinets, and drawers into piles for Keep, Toss, and Give Away or Sell. Once you’re done, read on…


Poke inside your closet and see if there’s room to install two rod levels for all your hanging garments – definitely a great idea if there’s no shelf above your current rod. While we’re on the subject of shelves, are yours doing their job efficiently? It could be wise to re-configure. Apartment Therapy and InStyle have some tips on organizing your closet.

Hot Tip: Store your most used items at eye level.

If you’re in the market for a new bed, think about buying one with plenty of room underneath to slide storage boxes or one with built-in storage drawers in its the base.

Don’t forget your nightstand. Consider drawer organizers, baskets, or boxes to arrange your belongings.


Integrate stylish baskets and boxes into your décor. Keep board games, blankets, pens and paper, or anything else inside. Stack them beside a sofa, slot them under a coffee table, or store them on a bookshelf – anywhere where there’s unused space. Choose furniture with cabinets where you can hide possessions from sight, or look for items with a dual purpose – like a coffee table with shelving underneath.

Think of your walls as hidden storage solutions. Hang floating shelves or nail in a hook to balance musical instruments on the wall.

Hudson and Vine

Image: Hudson & Vine


Like the bedroom, keep those items you use most often within easy reach – plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs. You may want to adjust your shelves to get optimal use out of your cabinets.

Make use of the interiors of your cabinet doors by installing hooks or racks to store cooking utensils, lids, or spices. Or hang hooks beneath shelves for mugs to dangle. Speaking of hanging, is there room for a rod above your kitchen island for pots and pans?

Buy bulk and organize your food in uniform jars, rather than a jumble of different shaped packages. Take a look at Mrs. Meyer’s for tips on keeping your pantry tidy.


The bathroom is another great place for floating shelves – especially above the toilet. Keep items in baskets, tins, or jars, display candles and plants, or store extra towels. Resort to dividers and bins for an organized cabinet. And use a shower caddie to house soaps and shampoos.

Hot Tip: Roll your towels rather than fold to save on space.

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Image: Home Talk


For those items you don’t need on a daily basis, keep them organized in plastic storage containers, clearly labeled with their contents.