Buying a home is a big deal. It’s one of the largest financial investments you’ll make, and it’s a decision to take seriously. 

Having developed and built homes for decades, we’ve answered a lot of questions about the benefits of buying a pre-sale home. Read on for reasons why buying pre-sale may be the right choice for you. 

More Selection: There’s an opportunity to select a compatible layout for your lifestyle — choose the level you want to live on, how many bedrooms are best for you, and what direction you want to face. You can choose from colour schemes and, in some cases, upgrades. It’s the next best option to building your own home. 

Brand New Home: As the first family to live in the home, its condition will be meticulous and modern. Plus, the latest building technologies are more likely to be implemented, including sustainable and energy-efficient features. 

Lower Deposit Payments: Because we’re a division of Qualico (the largest fully integrated real estate company in Western Canada), StreetSide often has access to better lending terms. Our buyers benefit from a more competitive deposit structure, such as the 10% deposit offered at Bailey. 

Delayed Mortgage Payments: You start paying your mortgage at completion, which means you have more time to save for your down payment. 

Growing Equity: As the market keeps churning, the value of your home may increase before you even start paying your mortgage.

Ongoing Quality: Newly constructed homes in BC come with a 2-5-10 year new home warranty, giving you the peace of mind that any issues with your home will be covered. 

Time to Plan: As you lead up to the completion of you home, there’s plenty of time to plan your move and décor ideas.

A Greater Community: Most pre-sale homes offer a range of amenities, fostering a sense of belonging and ease. 

Our Sales Teams are here to answer your questions. Contact us at Bailey, Port & Mill, or The Boroughs for insight on buying pre-sale.