At StreetSide, modern living inspires us to build outstanding homes for your lifestyle. We value what you value, and when we design for modern living, we focus on the following:

SPACE. StreetSide homes encourage you to spread out. There’s a size appropriate for every stage of life, with room to grow into your next stage, whether that’s in a condo, townhome, rowhome, or detached townhome. Space invites light into the home, space allows you to breathe fresh, and space ensures there’s a place for everything. But, space is meaningless, if it’s not intelligently planned with efficient layouts, which leads us to…

FUNCTIONALITY. Homes by StreetSide are designed for maximum functionality. We consider your furniture requirements and your daily movements. Kitchens are expertly crafted to make the most of storage and workspace. Bathrooms are designed to invigorate you for your day ahead and unwind your body after a long day. We study how a space is used, and design for optimal use.

FLEXIBILITY. We love the idea of you having the flexibility to create your dream home. Combining space and functionality, we give you the freedom to achieve just that. Rooftop terraces, finished basements, extra bedrooms, attached garages – there are lots of opportunities to live your best, unique life. Style a beautiful guest room, create an art room, or house all your tools and DIY projects in a garage workshop.

TIMELESSNESS. We hope you live in your StreetSide home for years to come. Exteriors and interiors are designed to reflect a timelessness. The aesthetic won’t go out of style, materials are durable, and craftsmanship is of the highest quality. You will be proud to call your space home.

Take a peek at the StreetSide homes across the Lower Mainland now selling or coming soon!