It’s officially spring! Can you smell it in the air? We can. Which means it’s time to get ready for warmer days spent outdoors. We’ve put together some tips on how you can cheer up your outdoor space with an urban garden.

Check your light

How much light does your outdoor space receive? There’s a plant for every degree of brilliance or shade. Keep this in mind before you visit your local garden centre, and ask the experts there which flowers and plants would best suit your space.

Planter compatibility

Once you’ve selected your plants, make sure you have the correct containers – terracotta or plastic, wooden or metal. Again, ask the experts at the garden centre. Containers should have adequate drainage and be appropriate for the growth patterns of your greenery.

Get the gear

Gloves, trowel, pruners, and watering can. Check each item off your list for effortless planting.

Plant properly

Pick the right potting soil for your plants, and decide whether you’ll mulch with moss, peagravel, or shredded cedar. Consider a top dressing of compost. And remember to water accordingly.

TIP: Tulips are one of the easiest flowers to grow. Plant tulip bulbs tightly together, and you should have a colourful container garden in six weeks.

For more ideas on how to grow the perfect balcony garden, visit Gardenista.

Garden Centres:

Port Kells Nurseries, Surrey

Art Knapp, Surrey

Potters, Surrey

Cedar Rim Nursery, Langley

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