We’re spending more time at home than ever before, and really getting to know the spaces we live in on a new level. You may have already watched everything on Netflix and Amazon Prime, walked circles around your living room, or re-arranged your kitchen cabinets. If that’s the case, we have a few ideas on how you can spend this time indoors, at home.

Nurture a herb or vegetable garden – it’s easy to do either on your balcony or in your home. Plant some mint, basil, parsley, or lettuce in ceramic pots. You may be able to find small plants at grocery stores or garden centres. Plant some colourful flowers too for a bit of cheerfulness. Here are some tips on growing herbs.

With all these herbs on hand, your favourite recipes will be fresher. Venture away from the bread making and try herbaceous and nutty dips, vegetables garnished with herbs, and yummy pastas dishes.

While traveling is not in the cards, you can dream of the places you’ll go. Take the time now to learn a new language. Duolingo offers easy exercises in dozens of languages. You’ll be fluent in a second tongue in no time.

Step inside the art world. Vancouver Art Gallery may be closed, but they’re hosting Art Connects, a series of online gatherings and conversations focused on art. You can also browse through international galleries, such as The Met in New York City or the National Portrait Gallery in London.

If you’ve exhausted the selections on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, try other streamers. Mubi, Sundance Now, and Criterion are available in Canada. You can watch art house, classic, and international films that may not get the attention they deserve at the more popular streamers.

There’s never been a better time to read than now. Join a virtual book club or form your own. You can order books online from Indigo, and some independent booksellers are delivering books to your door by bicycle. Crack open a new release or dive into the classics, and here’s a list of must-reads from an expert.

Exercising indoors has been surprisingly easy with energetic Zoom sessions cropping up every day. Check with your local yoga studio, gym, or other fitness studio to see if any instructors are hosting virtual workouts. This creative Vancouver Aquafit instructor has even moved her classes out of the pool and into her living room.

Keep your mind and body satisfied and discover a new appreciation for home.