Staying at home for days on end can be tough for anybody – especially for kids. It may be hard for them to understand what’s going on and why they can’t see their friends. And it may be challenging for you to keep your kids entertained every day.

We’ve listed a few ideas below to take some pressure off as we continue to Stay Home.

The innovator Dyson came up with 44 science and engineering experiments that only require basic household items to complete. Squeeze an egg into a bottle without cracking the shell, create a balloon-powered car, and make a retro lava lamp.

There’s lots more at-home science resources over at Science World as well.

Head over to National Geographic Kids for a collection of educational games and videos. Your kids can learn all about animals, nature, and science in a fun, easy-to-follow way.

Schedule some midday drawing with Lunch Doodles. All ages can join artist Mo Willems as he teaches you how to draw.

Lots of businesses are releasing free printable for creative colouring. Check out Dairy Queen and Fluevog Shoes. Even the Canucks have colouring pages.

Keep an eye on the otters and other animals at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Come up with some creative writing prompts for older kids. Where would you travel in time? Describe an adventure with a friend. Write a poem about your favourite person. Here are some more.

Make some squishy soap with Russell and Laura Brand. And then browse through Laura’s Joy Journal for more whimsical ideas.

Welcome your kids into the kitchen with these easy dinner recipes or treat them to some baking.

Here are some more resources for keeping your kids learning and having fun.