Space has always been a priority when designing a StreetSide home – the abundance of it, the intelligent planning of it, or both. The four- to five-bedroom detached townhomes at EVERLY GREEN are swimming in space – from dens to finished basements, garages to extra bedrooms. You may even come upon the pleasant problem of having so much space, you don’t know what to do with it all.

To help you navigate through the expanses of your new home, we’ve come up with a few ideas of what you can do with all those rooms.

LIBRARY: What a luxury to be able to call a room in your home “The Library.” Line the walls with bookshelves and literary art, create a cozy nook for you to settle into with a good book, or set up a desk so you can write your own great novel.

ART: If you’re the kind who has creativity coursing through your blood, it seems natural to designate a place in your home to create. Our detached townhome display home at Everly Green has a room for just that – art.



GAMES: Ever wanted a billiards table, foosball board, or darts target on the wall? They all sound like ideal content for a finished basement. Top off the décor with trophies, board games, a big screen TV, and a couple of loungers to watch the big game.

BAR: With cocktail and craft beer culture soaring to new heights, it’s great timing to experiment with the artistry of liquor and beer. Dress up a room for the modern connoisseur with beer pulls and a bar cart, specialty glassware, and classic books on bartending.



GUEST ROOM: Family and friends won’t have to put up with a pull-out couch in the living room anymore – they can have their own guest room. Create a welcoming atmosphere with candles, special linens, and flowers for when your favourite people come to stay.

WORKSHOP: A garage isn’t only for cars. House a mini-workshop in there to hone your carpentry, mechanic, or modeling skills.

EXERCISE: When there’s a place within your home for exercising, it’s much easier to stick to your guns about staying healthy. Lay out yoga mats, keep a selection of weights, or set up some cardio equipment.

Come see our display home at EVERLY GREEN in Langley for more inspiration on what to do with the space in your new home.