While it’s essential to find a home that meets your needs and suits your style, amenity spaces can also make or break a home experience. And they should always factor into your purchasing decision.

At StreetSide, we’re big fans of outdoor amenities — picturesque pathways, children’s play areas, and patios for barbecuing and dining. At our Canopy at Tynehead Park townhomes, you can wander along tree-covered trails. Our homes at Port & Mill are paired with a stunning central courtyard, featuring secluded nooks and a garden lounge. Our Creekside townhomes face a lush greenway and have access to an amenity building that opens onto a manicured lawn. And our FORTE homes are topped with a rooftop terrace, complete with garden plots and a view.

There’s a lot of possibility woven into these spaces…


Your kids will form friendships on the playgrounds, which then brings parents together and creates an opportunity for playdates. Connection with neighbours will tighten your bond to the community. You’ll soon know neighbours’ names and stop for conversations. It all amounts to a greater sense of security and belonging.


For birthdays and other festivities, it’s great to have a venue close to home that can accommodate all your guests. Invite extended family and friends to mingle in amenity lounges or on patios, which are often more spacious than your own home (plus, you don’t have to clean before your guests arrive). Our Creekside amenity building includes a kitchen and long dining table, so you have everything you need for a feast in one place.



It can be easier to clear your head and relax when you’re not surrounded by reminders of chores. Step away from your laundry and clutter and into a garden or a cozy lounge. You’ll soon forget about what needs to get done around the home.

The beauty of amenity spaces is that you don’t need to go far from your front door to experience an escape.