The Spring Equinox is behind us, and we are finally out of winter and into warmer and brighter days. Let’s honour the season change in our homes to feel its full effect.

Step one: open your windows and invite fresh air to flow throughout, day and night. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as falling asleep to a gentle breeze or to the sound and smell of rain.

Speaking of scents, if you use candles, switch up your fragrance for something lighter. Veer away from the woodsy, spicy smells of winter and welcome citrusy, floral bouquets. While you’re at it, visit a local flower market or nursery for bunches of tulips or potted plants to display throughout your home.

Perhaps it’s time to add some colour to your spaces. Consider adding colourful throws or pillows to your sofa, or make a statement on a wall by painting it pink or green. Replace heavy wool or knit blankets with light-weight fabrics. And rotate the art on your walls for new perspective and inspiration — the galleries do it, why shouldn’t you?

That’s the fun stuff. There’s also the spring cleaning.

Make a plan to tackle different rooms and closets one at a time. When you break up the chores, they won’t seem so daunting. Reorganize your closets one day and wash your windows on another.

All these small adjustments can make a big difference. You’ll be so glad you took the time to spruce up your home once the weather gets warmer.