We know there are distractions during the summer months – namely, the sun – but your home could always do with a little attention and care. Here are a few small chores you can take care of over the summer. We promise they won’t take too much time away from the outdoors.

  1. Wash Your Windows: With the sun streaming through the glass, you’re more likely to see the year’s dirt streak across your windows. Time to give them a good clean. We recommend using a natural cleaning solution to wipe off the dust, grime, and fingerprints. You can easily make your own with water, vinegar, and essential oil. Here’s a homemade glass cleaner recipe from Wellness Mama.
  1. Bathroom Function: Give your bathroom a once-over to make sure it’s functioning optimally. Turn on your sink, tub, and shower faucets to see if the drains are running water smoothly. If not, there’s an easy and green solution involving vinegar and baking soda to unclog drains at Crunchy Betty (PS. This works on your kitchen drain and garbage disposal too). While you’re here, clean your bathroom fan from dust with your vacuum.
  1. Stay Safe: It’s always a good idea to periodically check your smoke alarm batteries, detangle any messy power cords, and re-assess your emergency kit.

See… that was easy. Now, go back outside.

Photo: South Point Walk