We’ve been traveling on an exciting energy learning curve. It all started with Cascadia.

Cascadia is our upcoming Langley residential development, offering a selection of net-zero ready townhomes along with more traditional townhomes. 

In style and quality, they’re aligned with every other StreetSide home. But when it comes to energy, they’re a step, or three, above the typical townhome. Rather than stopping at Step 2 of the Energy Code, the net-zero ready homes as Cascadia will meet Step 5. 

Not only are these innovative homes at Step 5, they have inadvertently met the highest level of BC’s new Carbon Code, an emissions-based scale. 

Plus, they’re more affordable than any other net-zero ready multi-family home to date.

They’ll be the first of their kind in the Fraser Valley. 

It’s an achievement we’re really proud of at StreetSide, and we couldn’t have done it without support from and collaboration with the Township of Langley’s Builder Forum Series and BCIT.

Given the importance of energy efficiency and the future of our environment, we’re keen to share what we’ve learned so others are also inspired to build sustainably. 

Last month, we gathered together development and construction professionals to educate them on building net-zero ready homes. What better setting than at Cascadia — right in the thick of energy-efficient construction. 

We hosted 300 people in six workshops over three days. And covered subjects such as: high-performance mechanicals, airtightness and building science, and permitting and inspecting Step 5 projects. 

Our hope is that Step 5 will become the norm for all kinds of homes. 

Register today for homes at Cascadia.