Join us on our continuing trek around the world to discover international interior design trends. In our third part (read parts one and two), we visit Japan, Denmark, and New York City to see how people live. PS. You don’t need a passport to read on.


The Elements: Zen. Minimalist. Functionality. Natural Tones. Light. Serenity. Sliding Doors. Wood. Kintsukuroi.

Imagine: The tranquil trickle of flowing water in a garden. The slight burn of sake as it sails down your throat. The welcome of tradition and etiquette against a backdrop of futuristic Tokyo skyscrapers. The great waves of artist Hokusai.


Images: Lorenzo DeGrandis. The Local Project. Futurist Architecture. Pinterest.


The Elements: Nordic. Cozy. Eclectic. Oversized Pendant Lights. Retro. Playful. Purpose. Statement Chairs.

Imagine: The pretty simplicity of Royal Copenhagen blue florals. The boldly coloured facades along the waterfront. Fresh Nordic air whooshing into your face as you cycle round the city.


Images: Nordic Design Canada. Trust Your Blood Tumblr. Business of Fashion. Atelier Rue Verte. Broste Copenhagen.


The Elements: Personality and Character. The Arts. The Old and the New. Culture Clash. Uptown and Downtown. History. Creativity and Confidence. Small Spaces.

Imagine: Crossing cobblestone streets lined with trees and grand brownstones. Portals to every country in the world spread throughout one city. The blare of taxi horns, the scent of street food, the constant visual stimulation.

New York

Images: Matthew Williams Photography. Sfgirlbybay. Sean Litchfield. Elle Décor. Carlyle Designs. Carolina Engman.