There is no denying that the earth needs some tender loving care. Temperatures are heating up, the oceans are dying, animals are disappearing. To improve our planet’s health and make sure there is a place for future generations to enjoy, there needs to be a shift in how people live.

At Qualico and Streetside, we have a long-term plan to reduce energy consumption in homes, eventually meeting net zero energy. This means the total energy used will equal the renewable energy created, on an annual basis.

We will be following an Energy Step Code that will result in all new construction being net zero ready by 2032. The first step in the process is to integrate the EnerGuide rating system into new construction, so you can better understand your home’s energy performance.


As we progress through the steps, we address things like airtight construction, Energy Star appliances and equipment, high-performing windows, LED lighting, and insulation. From building envelop to mechanical systems, everything is evaluated for energy efficiency.

An energy-efficient home is beneficial to the planet, but it’s also a healthier way for you to live. Homes are quieter, have better air quality, and maintain a desired temperature. You will also save on energy costs.

We are proud of the changes our company is making to help lessen the strain on earth. And we’re looking forward to sharing more as our homes approach net zero energy.