At StreetSide, we are proud to be part of the legacy Qualico has crafted since 1950. In this year’s issue of the YP NextHome Builder’s Annual, StreetSide’s journey and our bond with Qualico is explained, along with what’s to come for our development company. Read more below…

This is a story that began with a dream. Sixty-five years ago, David and Katherine Friesen were a struggling newlywed couple with a big vision. They wanted to build quality homes and create communities where people could put down roots.

In 1950, they founded Quality Homes, the company that would become Qualico, and built seven houses. The following year, that number almost doubled to 13, and Katherine shocked many people of the day by quitting her job as a teacher to become the company’s full-time salesperson. Today, the company is one of Western Canada’s largest privately owned real estate companies, has 42 offices throughout Western Canada and builds thousands of homes every year.

And it’s from this proud tradition of excellence that StreetSide Developments was born to focus on creating multi-family homes that fit today’s contemporary lifestyles. “We’ve been building townhomes, rowhomes and apartment residences in Metro Vancouver for almost three years with Qualico as our parent company,” explains Vanessa Isler, StreetSide’s director of sales and marketing. “So we’re like a new company, but we have all the history and expertise of a company with over six decades in business. It gives our homeowners a great sense of security and trust.”

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