If you’re new to strata living, you may be curious about what it is and what the benefits are – and, let’s be honest, any additional monthly fee will drum up questions.


Every condo or townhome community is labeled as a strata corporation, which is made up of a strata council, a small group of homeowners who make decisions for the community with the help of a professional management company.

The strata fee is distributed to two separate funds – a contingency reserve fund (infrequent expenses) and an operating fund (everyday expenses). It’s initially determined by the developer and the management company, once they calculate the operating budget. And the individual fee for homeowners is based on the unit entitlement of each strata lot. Essentially, the larger your home, the greater your monthly fee. After completion, the strata council is free to evaluate whether the amount of this fee makes sense for the community.


The strata fee maintains the comfortable lifestyle you expect at home. It looks after day-to-day maintenance and management, including cleaning, landscaping, and building insurance, so you don’t have to.

Shoveling winter sidewalks or driveways, mowing the lawn, and clearing gutters aren’t your responsibility – unlike life in a single-family home. When you leave town on holiday, you can rest assured you’ll return to a well-maintained community. You have more time to spend on what really matters to you.

Beyond general maintenance, the strata fee also supports amenities. This is where community comes alive, the places where you gather with neighbours, family, and friends. Indoor lounges, fitness centres, co-work spaces, outdoor pools, BBQs, garden plots, playgrounds, and more all fall under this umbrella.

The strata fee funds your sense of belonging and the memories that shape your life.

Speak with a member of our Sales Team at Creekside, Orchard Park, Canopy at Tynehead Park, or FORTE if you’d like to know more about strata living – we’re happy to answer any questions.

The photo above is from our South Point Walk community in South Surrey.