The definition of comfort is being physically and emotionally relaxed and content. But how this perfect environment is created is different for everyone. Some need the love of pets, others feel most at ease in a spotless home. By now, you probably know the surroundings that will give you comfort. But here are a few more scenarios to consider, when you’re in the mood to try something new.

FOOD: The mere scent of food cooking can send you to paradise. Cinnamon, cookies, stew, bread, roasted turkey – they all have the qualities of comfort. There are ways you can mimic the smells without actually cooking. Keep a saucepan of cinnamon sticks and nutmeg simmering on the stove. Or burn vanilla-scented candles. Even better, learn to cook and bake the classics that will leave everyone at home in a constant state of bliss. And invite family and friends to enjoy meals around the table together – company is also comfort.

LIVING ROOM: The standard for a cozy living room involves blankets, pillows, and a fireplace – with a dog or cat curled up beside you as a bonus. Add more comfort to the space with a selection of small and large plants scattered throughout. Nature is instantly soothing. Hang art on your walls that bring you joy, including family photos, pictures from favourite trips, or paintings by your kids. Books create warmth too. Stack them on the floor or line them on shelves.

BEDROOM: There’s nothing quite like the feeling of crawling into a bed made with fresh linens, and snuggling beneath a heavy duvet. Do a quick audit of your own bed linens. Are they comfortable? Are the colours calming? Could they do with a refresh? Also, consider keeping fresh flowers and books by your bed to enhance the scene. And definitely indulge in weekend breakfasts in bed.

BATHROOM: All you need are epsom salts, candles, and peaceful music to create an atmosphere of complete relaxation in your bathtub. Try to fit this into your schedule once a week – all you need is 20 minutes to let the muscles and mind unwind.

One thing is for sure: comfort is home.