One of the most desirable qualities in a home is light – preferably the natural kind. To make the most of the rays streaming into your home, we’ve listed some ways you can enhance light and make your space shine.

MIRRORS: Strategically hang mirrors to reflect and beam the sun throughout your home, hitting even the seemingly dark corners with natural light. You may have to play around with placement before you find the wall location that maximizes brilliance, but an easy tip is to place a large mirror directly opposite a window.

CLEAN: You may be surprised by the amount of dirt that could be blocking light from traveling through your windows. Use a natural cleaning solution, such as white vinegar mixed with water, to wipe that glass clean. While you’re at it, dust any lighting fixtures and lamps that could do with some care.

LAMPS: From floor to table lamps, where you direct the bulb can change the mood of a room. If your lamp has a flexible arm, rotate the shade opening to the ceiling for the greatest amount of brightness, or find a torchiere floor lamp you love.

FURNITURE: Bulky furniture gives the illusion of cramped and dark quarters. Choose open shelves and styles with less weight, such as mid-century modern. Quick trick: position bookshelves perpendicular to a window so light can flow along the shelves.

COLOUR: Energize your home with colours and patterns that complement the light or symbolize happiness. Select lighter shades of yellow, blue, pink, purple, green, or any other shade that brings a smile to your face.

METALLICS: Like mirrors, a shimmery gold or silver surface can reflect the light. Look for metallic light fixtures, decorations, or furniture.

FLOWERS: A bunch or two of these always add a dose of instant cheer.

Photo: Canopy at Tynehead Park