With so many projects in the works, we have lots to get excited about at StreetSide, including the neighbourhoods we will soon be building in. While we are still in the early envisioning stages, we are planning to add new homes to Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley — all communities on the rise.


Last year, we released our first selection of homes at Port & Mill in Coquitlam, and we will be releasing more soon. We also have big plans to build homes in a higher part of town — Burke Mountain. A complete community is growing on the mountainside, with lush trails and wild forests in its backyard. Anchored by Burke Mountain Village, residents will live within walking distance or a short drive to shops, dining, and a community centre. And it’s all only a 10-minute drive from Coquitlam Centre.


We have been building in Surrey for decades — it’s a community close to our hearts. And we are gearing up to introduce even more homes to the neighbourhoods that make up this quickly growing region. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. And it’s no wonder. A vibrant city centre is alive with businesses, schools, and culture. Nature is everywhere, from forests to shorelines to pocket parks. People move here to grow families and nurture friendships, and stay for generations.


We have two new Langley townhome projects that we are diligently working away on — both in the Township. Langley is known for its warmth and welcome, its urban centres and charming towns, its farmland, and its nature trails. There is a lot of history in Langley, and much of it has been preserved. The people who live here are passionate about their roots and how the Township has grown from a few pioneering families to dozens of friendly communities.

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