A lot of people, if not most, have a wardrobe for warm months and another for cold months. Why not apply the same logic to your décor as the seasons change? Deeper colour shades as opposed to lighter. Rich patterns versus sunny prints. We found some interior inspiration that will hopefully help you adjust to fall and winter. We promise there aren’t any pumpkins involved.

Image: Mighty Vintage on Etsy

Embrace Handmade

There’s something cozy and warm about craftsmanship. Visit local boutiques, stroll through a craft fair, or browse the pages of Etsy for pieces that have been made by hand. Look out for woven products, ceramics, and woodwork.

Image: Anthropologie

Heavy Metal

Switch up the metal accents and accessories in your home. Store away standard silver and set out gold, or even matte black, cutlery. Display dried flowers in iron vases. Serve guests drinks on a brass tray. There are lots of ways to integrate metallics into your home.

Image: Ikea


Ikea released a limited-edition collection this fall that’s a little bit retro. Självständig means “independent” in Swedish, and this line is certainly unique. Picture bold colours, kitschy florals, and a few dramatic geometric prints.

Image: West Elm

Jewel Tones

Colour has a powerful way of setting a mood. The richness of jewel tones – amethyst, sapphire, emerald – can warm up any room. The easiest way is to use accents on pillows and throws. Pair the inviting shades with luxe velvet and you won’t want to leave home until spring.

Image: Walls Need Love

Wrap It Up

We don’t mean presents. Blanket your walls in colour or patterns that create a snug environment perfect for hibernation. These days, you don’t have to commit to long-term wallpaper – lots of companies make paper that’s removable.