It doesn’t take much to make a few adjustments and additions to your home that will improve your ease of everyday living. With today’s advances in technology, we can all benefit from gadgets, small and large. Here’s a round-up of the latest tech devices that you could integrate into your home – some of the items aren’t for sale at the moment, but they’ll have you dreaming of what lies ahead in living smarter.

SmartDuvet: No more manual bed-making in the mornings – there’s an app for that. SmartDuvet is a duvet that will straighten itself into a freshly made bed with the press of a button. It also offers dual-zone climate control – perfect for those couples who prefer to sleep at different temperatures.

WeMo Insight Smart Plug: Pop your lamps, heaters, and small appliances into this plug and have complete control from another room or from the road. It also allows you to track your energy consumption.

COVI: This speech-enabled table light has the ability to control your devices and answer questions. The light itself is designed to mimic natural light or descend into a soft glow in the evening. Linked to your phone, it will light up brighter when you receive a message – a peaceful alternative to your phone’s buzz. The light intelligently removes distractions of a digital screen, while providing you with all the information you need.



Philips Hue Wireless Dimming: Smart lighting is a simple and welcome feature to add to your home. These dimmable, white-light bulbs are controllable with a remote.

Air Quality: It’s now easy (and potentially scary) for city dwellers to monitor the air quality in their homes with the Laser Egg home accessory. And if you want crisper air, an OxyBox will make the air in your home glacier-fresh. There’s also Awair, which monitors the air and gives you suggestions on how to improve what you’re breathing.

Xperia Touch: This one is really futuristic – a projector that turns any surface into an interactive touch-screen (see the image above).