Set aside a Saturday or Sunday for some feel-good activities in Burnaby Heights. Be prepared for a day of looking after your body and your taste buds.


Start your day with something to relax your mind and body and set the stage for a blissful afternoon. Modo Yoga Burnaby welcomes people of all yoga levels – even those who have never attempted a downward dog. The yoga studio is connected to studios worldwide, and has made a commitment to give back to communities and practice sustainability. You’ll find a variety of classes available and experience something different every time you visit.

If you’re in the mood for a wellness activity that’s a little more passive, try out floating. Submerge your body in a tank of heavily salted water and effortlessly float. The treatment has been known to relax muscles, heal injuries, clear the mind, and spark creativity. You can experience this therapeutic practice at Float Sense on Hastings Street. Visit their website to learn more about the benefits of floating.


After focusing on your body all morning, enjoy a light lunch. Visit Hiro Sushi for some delicious rolls or stop in at Cioffi’s Cucina for a sandwich, salad, or soup. While you’re at Cioffi’s, browse the market and pick up some food for the coming week.


Stroll the shops of Burnaby Heights – there are lots of treasures to be found. Get lost in the rows of shelves inside Companion Books, and browse through the incredible selection of used books. Maybe you’ll find a first edition of your favourite story.

L’Atelier Sandie Bell carries crafts and goods from local artisans. You’ll come upon the perfect gift, something for your home, or a piece of jewelry. The boutique also hosts artisan-led workshops, where you can learn a new craft. Another treasure trove is waiting inside Moi Vintage – known for their antiques and collectibles.


Food options in Burnaby Heights are almost endless. And on this “perfect day” we recommend you indulge in some Italian fare. Head over to another StreetSide blog post for a list of tasty Italian restaurants.


Modern condos at FORTE are now selling by appointment in Burnaby Heights. Learn more about these homes and the meaning of Sprezzatura.