We take pride in building communities close to green spaces – from charming neighbourhood parks to enormous forests. Canopy at Tynehead Park, now selling in Surrey, and Creekside, coming soon to Maple Ridge, uniquely neighbour stunning protected natural habitats and weave nature throughout each community of homes. 

Canopy at Tynehead Park

Beyond experiencing beautiful scenery every day, living next to nature can change your life. It’s been well reported that living close to nature can lengthen your lifespan. Your mental health, social relationships, and physical wellbeing all benefit from time in nature. The cleaner air and vitamin D are also great for the body. You’ll boost up endorphins, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, and feed creativity. 

The closer you live to nature, the more likely you’ll spend time there. A morning or evening jog to stay fit, a quiet stroll to clear your mind, exploring the environment with your kids or dog, a catch-up session with a friend under the trees – there are so many ways to enjoy nature every day. 

“Scientists report lowered stress hormones, decreased markers of inflammation, improved immune functioning and positive mental outlook after walks in green space compared to built environments.” David Suzuki Foundation, Huffington Post

To truly experience the healing properties of nature, try out forest bathing, which originated in Japan as shinrin-yoku. Leave your phones and cameras at home, and feel nature with all your senses, focusing on breathing and mindfulness. Listen to the birds, feel the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, touch trees, smell the intoxicating green all around you, and taste the flavour of fresh air. You can take part in forest bathing year-round and have a different experience each time. 

Stop by our Sales Centre at Canopy at Tynehead Park to learn more about the parkside townhomes, and be sure to walk through the regional park while you’re there. And sign up for Creekside, where you could live beside peaceful Kanaka Creek in one of our 130 contemporary townhomes.