Since opening Hycroft 2 last month, our display home in South Surrey has received a lot of visitors. We worked with i3 Design to perfect the features and finishings, making sure homes would appeal to homeowners’ tastes and needs.

Classic elements like Carrara marble and shaker cabinets were combined with contemporary countertops and lighting to create an elegant transitional space. Functionality was important during the design process – laundry closets with stacking washer / dryer were also given room for storage, an under-cabinet microwave freed value counter space, and high ceilings led to extra-high kitchen cabinets.

When styling the display suite, Lisa Perry of i3 Design imagined she were decorating the space of a real family. She pictured an active family with two kids, and envisioned a West Coast rustic elegance with blue as the signature accent.

The symmetrical shelves were custom-built to highlight the possibilities of the space, and angular shapes, such as herringbone, were repeated for dimension. Lisa’s favourite piece is the mirror hanging above the fireplace – it’s like having another window in the room.

Lisa shared some of her key design tips with us. Keep the below in mind when you’re decorating your space:

  1. Define your space with an area rug, but make sure it’s large enough for the furniture to sit on; otherwise, the space will appear small.
  2. Experiment with an unsymmetrical style. While the shelves are equally proportioned on either side of the fireplace, the accessories on the shelves are not. This makes the space friendly and welcoming.
  3. Every home needs flowers and plants to give it life. A home can appear cold without these natural touches.

The four-bedroom freehold rowhomes of Hycroft 2 are now selling in South Surrey’s Grandview Heights. Find more information here.

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