When we think of spring cleaning, we usually envision scrubbed floors, dusted shelves, and organized closets to a level of precision Mary Poppins would approve. While we’re in this cleaning and clearing mood, it’s a great time to address the technology in our lives and do a little digital refresh.

Let’s start with files and photos. Just as we toss unwanted papers, there’s a lot of junk sitting on phones, computers, and clouds that doesn’t need to be there. Scroll through the cloud or your device and delete unwanted pictures. You know the ones. The selfies that didn’t make the cut. The accidental shots of a blurry… something. The ten pictures you took of the same flower or meal. You don’t really need those, do you? Organize the images you want to keep into folders, so you can access them without searching.

Next, it’s time to do the same with all those unread emails. Read what may be important; otherwise, delete, delete, delete. And while you’re scrolling through the unread emails from mailing lists you signed up for years ago, unsubscribe. You’ll cut down the number of emails you receive and never miss the ones that matter.

Are you ready to tackle your social media accounts? This is a big one. There’s no denying that people spend too much time staring at a screen, and a big chunk of that time is spent on social media. One way to curb that, besides deleting your accounts, is to decrease the number of businesses and people you follow. Take some time to mindfully go through your following lists on Twitter and Instagram, and decide if you really need to consume all that content every single day. If you can’t bring yourself to unfollow some people, you can mute them. Your mental health and productivity will thank you after a digital detox.

If these seem like time-consuming tasks, do them in chunks over several days, while you binge watch your favourite Netflix show, of course. And don’t forget to review your saved shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or your PVR. Will you really re-watch all 6 seasons of Lost?

Once you’ve purged the above, check on your phone’s storage situation. Are you close to the max? If so, here are some tips on how to free up storage on your iPhone or Android.

What else? Update the software on all your devices and computers. Run anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Revisit privacy and notification settings. Delete the apps you don’t use. Change your passwords. And clean your screens and keyboards.

Less noise and clutter. More time to experience the real world.

Photo: Blog Bloke Tips