It’s almost time to shift your focus away from summer vacation and towards school lunches and homework. To draw your kids’ attention span back to more studious matters, design a homework station that will inspire them to sit down and work.

We’ve searched the internet for some creative and functional design ideas for the perfect homework station. But first thing’s first, carve out space in your home that will accommodate a desk. If space is tight, get mobile with a tray or cart stocked with essential supplies that can be used at the kitchen table, island, or coffee table.

The homework space should be comfortable, including a chair that will keep your kid supported and at ease. Organization is also key – hang a corkboard or set up cubbies and a filing system. Pens, pencils, paper, and anything your child needs should be close. This will, hopefully, keep things tidy. Also, ensure there’s a plug handy to charge laptops.

Some parents swear by keeping a clock on display so kids can learn the importance of time management, without looking at their phones or computer. Check out the Time Timer. A calendar is another essential tool for understanding time, pin one to the wall to keep track of important due dates and events.

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