There are lots of beaches and parks across Metro Vancouver that the crowds have yet to discover. You could vie for a patch of sand at Kitsilano Beach or Centennial Beach, or you could enjoy a blissful sunny summer’s day at one of the below havens.

Crab Park, Vancouver

Right downtown, this park and beach is known by neighbours and few others. At the foot of Main Street, neighbouring the Port of Vancouver, Crab Park is a popular spot for dogs, families, and friends. While it’s not the best spot for swimming, the views of the North Shore mountains are worth the visit.

Crab Beach

Image: Inside Vancouver 

Sandy Cove, West Vancouver

Nestled amongst the homes of West Vancouver, down a series of precarious stone stairs, lies Sandy Cove Beach. A much loved oasis for those in the know, this small and hidden beach is ideal for swimming or relaxing on the sand with a good book.

Mystery Lake, North Vancouver

The name says it all. Mystery Lake is located in the depths of Mount Seymour Provincial Park in North Vancouver, and is only accessible by a short hike. It’s worth it. Cool off from the walk by dipping into the crystal waters.

Mystery Lake

Image: Vancouver Trails

Iona Beach and McDonald Beach Park, Richmond

Watch the planes or observe the shore birds along this beach and 4.5km long jetty in Richmond. Right next door is McDonald Beach Park – a peaceful place to take your dogs for a stroll along the sandy beach and view the sights.

Iona Beach

Image: Jay Banks

White Pine Beach, Port Moody

On the shores of Sasamat Lake, White Pine Beach is a true Canadian experience – a sparkling lake surrounded by a blanket of forest trees. Plan a BBQ, grab a snack from the concession, or hike into the forest trails. This is a stunning summer spot.

Image: Flickr / Trine Christensen (above)

Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby

This quiet waterfront park will surprise you – it’s so unassuming that it’s often empty. Take a picnic and admire the magnificent views of Burrard Inlet.

Boundary Bay Beach, Delta

This stretch of coast is located where the United States and Canada meet. Walk out at low tide or sit on a log to meditate on the water, and enjoy the many trails that zigzag throughout the park. Whatever you do, it’s gorgeous here.


Image: Vancouver Trails