These days, saving energy means more than saving money – it’s also about saving the environment. There are a lot of ways you can cut down on your own energy consumption. Every small shift in your daily actions will add up and lead to a more efficient home.


Thanks to LED technology, the efficiency of light bulbs has vastly improved over the years. Try one of the brands from the “7 Best Light Bulbs to Buy in 2018” list. But just because light is more efficient than it used to be, light pollution has actually increased. As light becomes cheaper, people use it more.

With that in mind, remember what your parents may have told you as a kid, and always switch off the lights when you leave a room. Use accent lights rather than harsher and brighter overhead ceiling lights. And rely on natural light during the day.


How much time do you spend in the shower? On average, people are under their showerheads for 60 hours a year. Which may amount to as much as 6 months over the course of a lifetime. Think of all that water gushing down the drain. Cutting your shower time by as little as a minute would significantly reduce your energy use. Time your shower tomorrow. You may be surprised by how long you’re under water.

Other ways to save water energy:


It goes without saying that we want to be comfortable in our homes. And it’s possible to achieve the perfect temperature year-round with optimal efficiency.

Try out the following:


As with lights, if you’re not using an electronic device, turn it off. Plug into power strips instead of the wall, so you can easily cut the power that even dormant devices use. Battery chargers draw energy when they’re not even plugged into your phone. And the last one: hang dry your laundry rather than throwing it in the dryer – especially in warm months.

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