We know you’re probably always ready for a vacation. But is your home ready? We came up with a few steps that will give you some peace of mind while you’re away.


The last thing you want after a relaxing week or weekend away is to return to a home in disarray – a sure-fire way to kill any kind of vacation bliss buzz. Before you leave, make it a priority to tidy up your home – clean the kitchen, wipe down the bathroom, make your bed, and vacuum up dust bunnies. Don’t forget to turn on the dishwasher or make sure there aren’t any dirty dishes in there. It’s also a great idea to do your laundry, so you have clean clothes on hand when you return. If you get in the cleaning groove, change your sheets too.


Clear out your refrigerator and fruit bowls. If you’re going away for a few days or more, make sure you get rid of any food that will go bad while you’re gone. And remember to take out your trash, recycling, and organic food waste. Prepare for your first meal back – something you can make for dinner or breakfast if you won’t have time to hit the grocery store. It could be as simple as a tin of soup or bowl of granola with non-perishable almond milk.


Decide whether you’d like to keep a light on while you’re away, or set one on an automatic timer to make your home look inhabited. Turn off your heater and air conditioning. To be safe, unplug small appliances and electronic devices. You can even turn off your water valves, if you’ll be away for an extended period of time.


Close and lock all your windows. And, it goes without saying, lock your door when you leave.


Leave your spare keys with a friend or neighbour – just in case. If you have a bevy of plants, ask a friend to pop round to water them. And always let someone know your travel itinerary.

Happy Holidaying!