The change in weather shouldn’t deter you from going outside and enjoying the fresh air. There’s so much to take in when you live in Langley. Homeowners at Everly Green in Willoughby can take advantage of an incredible selection of nature-focused activities. Take a look at the list below and then step outside.


The mountain bike course at Willoughby Community Park will increase your heart beat and juice up your adrenaline. If you’d like something a little slower paced, cycle along the Fraser River on the Fort to Fort Trail and enjoy scenic views of rolling fields and the river.


The terrain in Langley is pretty ideal for horseback riding, and there are lots of stables that can fulfill your desire to get close to the wild. In fact, Langley is billed as the “Horse Capital of BC.” Browse the HelloBC website for a list of facilities offering horseback riding excursions.


There are seven golf courses spread throughout Langley. You can even hit the greens year-round, if you choose. Visit Fort Langley Golf, Redwoods Golf Course, or the five others with family and friends.


There is no shortage of parks in Langley – more than 40 to be exact. From rugged forest walks to manicured lawns, take your pick of nature. Search through the Township of Langley’s website to find a park that will suit your mood.

Plans for Yorkson Community Park were recently revealed. The 52-acre site will feature playing fields, water parks, softball fields, a skate park, a picnic area, and off-leash dog park. You can count on this being the go-to destination for active families and individuals in the future.

See you outside!