In honour of this weekend’s Father’s Day, we’re devoting an entire post to the garage. Or, as some may call it, the Man Cave.

While they’re intended to house cars, garages can easily get overrun with tools, bikes, sports equipment, or just boxes of storage. And, whether it’s intentional or not, cars are left parked in the driveway or the street.

If your garage has become an overflow space for storage, it could be time to re-sort and re-organize. Ask yourself: How can you better organize your home so your belongings fit? What can you toss to make more space?

This may sound like a big project, but it’s manageable if you tackle it in segments. Dive into your home first to see where space can be better used. Then sort through your garage items and see where they can be re-allocated. You may find you have enough unwanted items to hold a Garage Sale!

Once you’ve discarded or re-distributed belongings, you can get going on the big task of shaping your garage space.

Here are some crafty ways to make the most of your garage:

Use hooks and baskets on the wall

A Beautiful Mess


Build shelves all the way to the ceiling



And don’t forget that gap between the door and the ceiling



Keep it on wheels



Hang bikes from the ceiling

One Good Thing 2


Use a magnetic strip for tools

One Good Thing


Build a storage cart for your sports equipment

Shanty 2 Chic


Design a custom workspace


Happy Father’s Day!