We know homeowners have a lot of questions when it comes to buying a home. Our Sales Team is always happy to answer those important questions – whether you’re curious about taxes, the closest elementary schools, or the best spots to pick up dinner to-go. Here are a few questions that frequently come up in our Sales Centres:

Are there any rental restrictions?

As a developer, we don’t put restrictions on renting your home. But sometimes a strata corporation may choose to place rental bylaws at a later date.  If that does occur, the original homeowner is grandfathered under the existing rule from when they purchased.

Who is StreetSide?

We’re a division of Qualico, Western Canada’s largest fully-integrated, privately owned real estate company, with a 65+ year tradition of quality and trust. Our dedicated customer care and warranty program is in place to make this purchase a positive experience – during and after. We take pride in the homes we build. Learn more about how StreetSide looks after you and your home here.

What are the costs associated with closing?

You will need to hire a lawyer or notary to close on your home – this usually costs around $1000.  Don’t forget about Property Transfer Tax (PTT).  In British Columbia, there is a PTT exemption for new homes under $750k and the partial exemption for homes between $750k and $800k, this could save you money at closing!  New homes in Canada have 5% GST applied – you may also be eligible for a rebate if your home is priced under $450,000.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Centres if you have any questions about making your home purchase. We know it’s a huge decision, and we welcome your questions.

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