Spring has always been the time to organize and clean your home – a thorough scrub-down and dust-off before the summer sun highlights any neglected grime. In addition to cleaning, there are a few maintenance tasks you can complete to make sure your home is running efficiently. You may have checked some of these off in the fall, but it’s a great idea to run through the list twice a year.

Dryer: Clear out the lint that may have built up inside the vent pipe or underneath the dryer.

Light Bulbs: Replace any burned out bulbs and make sure each lighting fixture is free from dust. Manage the energy use in your home by using fluorescent or LED bulbs.

Smoke Detectors: It could be time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Test each unit to ensure they’re in working order.

Electrical Outlets and Cords: Do a check of all your outlets. Are there any frayed cords or loose-fitting plugs? If so, they could be a fire hazard and should be replaced.

Oven: We’re sure you gave your oven a great workout over the winter holidays, which means it’s time to do a thorough clean inside so you get the most out of your oven’s cooking power.

Outdoor Furniture: Not entirely a maintenance tip, but cleaning off the winter blues from your outdoor furniture will get you excited for warmer, outdoor days ahead.