The garage is an essential feature for any growing family. Not only does it shelter your car, it shelters you as you bring in groceries or load up for adventures. The garage is also additional storage for those items that don’t need to clutter your home — like gardening tools, sports equipment, or childhood mementos.

A clean and orderly garage is definitely preferable. But it can easily turn into a dumping ground for storage bins and household overflow. Since you don’t spend much time here, keeping this space in shipshape can sometimes be an afterthought.

We’ve got a few tips on how to keep your garage neat and tidy, so you get the most from this valuable space.


Think vertically. While you may hang pictures indoors, the garage is the perfect place to hang tools and gear. Install hooks or other supports to hold ladders, brooms, or mops. You could also give your walls some style – like this garden shed featured at Remodelista. For smaller items, mount magnetic strips to the wall. These can hold paintbrushes or other metal tools.



Plastic tubs are the go-to for storage, and they’re great for keeping belongings protected from the damp or from being crushed. For those items that you need to access more easily, you can get creative. Try stacking old wooden crates to keep your tools handy. Or a mesh bag for sports balls. You could also build millwork for cabinets. This before and after from Sypsie Designs is impressive.



For those who love two wheels, create a dedicated area for your bikes to hang out. There are many contraptions on the market these days. All you have to do is Google “bicycle storage” to find hundreds of solutions – here’s some inspiration.


Most garages are intended to be multi-functional. The key is to get the best use out of all those functions.

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