Autumn is already showing glimpses of its presence as summer fades away. But just because the rain and chill is on the way outdoors doesn’t mean your home has to lose the sun indoors. Keep your home cheerful and bright, and evoke an everlasting summer with these décor ideas.


Bring nature inside with potted plants and fresh flowers. Spread green throughout your home with easy-to-maintain succulents or other fresh bursts of green. Autumn produces beautiful flowers. Find some inspiration for fall flower arrangements at Martha Stewart. A range of purples, reds, and oranges will add a lightness to your home. Another great idea is to plant succulents in a large shell – bring the beach to you this fall.

Take flowers one step further with wallpaper and textiles covered in florals.

Floral Wallpaper



Yellow is the most obvious colour to use to inject sunshine into your home. Don’t go overboard, rather use it as an accent – pillows, vases, bedspreads. Add pops of colour in unexpected places. Like aqua or lilac or mint. We love kitchen accessories in pretty pastels. Or a living room in shades of ocean blue.

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Bounce the light around your home with the placement of mirrors. Even when it’s raining outside, you’ll spread natural light or lamp illumination to places that may not ordinarily see the light of day.


Our senses are the first to decide what kind of mood we’re in. Keep the scent in your home fresh and light with candles that fill the room with notes of lemongrass, coconut, or sea salt. Test out these ones at Elle Décor.



Choose a décor style that favours open spaces and lighter colours. Scandinavian is all about clean lines and functional pieces. Or add some farmhouse-style charm or West Coast beach elements to your décor. Express your bohemian inner child with inspiration from Morocco or India. Think warm climates, and your home will feel like a retreat from the fall drizzle.