If our recent heat dome is any indication, summers are getting hotter. And we’ll have to find creative ways to stay cool in our homes — if you don’t have air conditioning, that is. We have compiled some tips and tricks to keep your home and your body chilled on the hottest summer days.

Tip #1: close your blinds. This may create a dark room, but for those scorching days, it’s preferable to the burning light. This is when black-out blinds really come in handy.

There’s some debate as to whether you should keep your windows opened or closed during a heat wave. Is it better to keep warm air out? Or welcome a breeze in? If you can produce a cross breeze in your home, open those windows. You can also place a fan in front of an open window — but make sure it’s facing out to push hot air away. Another hack: spray a sheet with cold water and drape it across an open window or door. The damp fabric will cool the air as the breeze pushes through.

Use your freezer to your advantage. Pop a bowl of ice in front of a fan or put an ice pack in your sheets just before bedtime. But avoid using other appliances — your oven, dishwasher, and washer/dryer will produce heat.

Chill your body by tying a wet bandanna around the pulse points on your neck or wrists. And take cold showers or baths as needed. You can also soak your feet in a bowl of cold water.

Speaking of water, drink a lot of it, and alternate water with beverages that contain electrolytes, such as coconut water. Make your own popsicles, devour entire watermelons, and stick to delicious and light salads. Salty foods absorb and hold onto water — so, keep some tortilla chips and guacamole by your side.

On those really sweltering days, it’s important to know the signs of heat-related illness, and check in with family and friends.