During the success of HYCROFT, and now with the release of HYCROFT 2, we have been asked this question often – What exactly is a rowhome?

Like townhomes, rowhomes are characterized by their consistent architecture and design. And in some areas, they are most notably illustrated by the presence of bay windows. You may recognize the iconic rowhomes of San Francisco or Boston.

Boston rowhomes - wisegeek

Image: Boston rowhomes (WiseGeeks)

But despite the similarities in design, such as shared walls, a rowhome isn’t a townhome. In fact, the walls are the only shared aspect of these beautiful residences. Rowhomes are completely independent – similar to a single family home. Not only do you own your physical residence, you own the land it sits on. Each home is a separate legal entity, with independent sewer and water hook-ups. It’s all yours. And the best part: with no strata, there are no strata fees.

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