Outside of decorating for the holidays (December is only a month away!), Halloween is the best excuse for having some fun with your decor. Fake cobwebs and lit-up pumpkins certainly make for a traditional Halloween, but we found some more ways for you to really take your decorations to another level this year.


Every haunted house needs a few bats flying around the rafters. Create a bat-mobile to hang from your ceiling.



Or fill up a few balloons with helium, cover them in black netting, and watch them float up to the heights of your home.




Give passersby something to look at by dressing up your windows. It’s easy to create ghoulish images from some black construction paper. The silhouette will really stand out at night when you flip the lights on.

Halloween Ghoul



Candles will create the eeriest ambiance in your home. We love the idea of placing them in bird cages, or dripping them with “blood” – just drip a red candle over white candles to create the effect.



You can also drape your lamps with black netting and spiders, or fix something spooky inside the shade.


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Trick or Treat!