Since embarking on our journey to launch Canopy at Tynehead Park, we’ve become very fond of our townhome community’s neighbour. Tynehead Regional Park is one of Surrey’s largest natural habitats, with 260 hectares of beautiful river, meadow, and forest landscapes.

On the banks of the Serpentine River headwaters, the park is home to owls, hawks, coyotes, trout, and salmon. The Tynehead Hatchery, completely run by volunteers, works to replenish and restock locally endangered fish species – each year 250,000 salmon are released into the Serpentine. Visit the hatchery to witness spawning salmon from a viewing platform between October and December, or participate in egg takes and fry releases.



Venture into the tangle of greenery, through the zigzags and loops of trails. There are 5 kilometres of biking and 10 kilometres of walking paths to explore. Cross streams, spy an owl, or find a piece of artwork hidden in the forest and meadow. There are also picnic tables for those days when you want a bite in nature. The setting is perfect for clearing your head, discovering inspiration, or simply breathing in the fresh air.

Your dog will love Tynehead Park too – an off-leash park and pathway offer 2.5 hectares of space to run and play.



When you live at Canopy, your backyard is a park. Escaping into nature is as simple as walking out of your front door.

Photos via Vancouver Trails.