Downsizing is a buzz word these days. But really, it’s about finding the right-size home – not too big, not too small – for your needs, and anybody can do it, at any life stage.

How much home do you really need? Whether you’re a couple of professionals, a growing family, or heading into retirement, your answer could vary or be pretty similar. It’s important to be honest about your situation and your expectations so you wind up with a home that’s just right – one that’s cost effective and functional.

Once you’ve figured out your financial picture, there are a few questions you should consider before diving into your search…

How do I feel about my current home?

Are you bumping into furniture? Is there an echo? Assess each room you currently live in and think about its pros and cons.

How much stuff do I own and how much am I willing to part ways with?

Moving into a new home is the perfect time to purge. The prospect of this fills some with dread and others with great relief. Do you have a storage locker filled with unused tools, dusty sporting equipment, and stacks of papers? Is your closet overflowing with clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in years? While you may think you need a larger home to house all your belongings, it may be time to get rid of a few things and start fresh.

Picture the items in your life, the ones crammed into drawers and stuffed into closets, and ask what Marie Kondo asks – Does this spark joy? Once you remove the clutter, you may realize you don’t really need much space to live.

Will my family grow or shrink?

This is an important question. If you dream of adding a family member or two, pets included, to your household, you’ll need room for them to sleep and live. Babies grow into kids and teenagers, who need space to play, do homework, and express themselves. How many children do you and your partner want? Is a dog in your future?

Think about how each space will work for you as a family – a kitchen large enough to cook together, the perfect number of bathrooms so everyone can get ready in the morning, a rec room to put the kids in when you want some peace and quiet. And don’t forget about visiting grandparents.

Alternatively, maybe you’ve recently said goodbye to the kids as they embark on lives as adults. You don’t need those extra bedrooms anymore – or maybe just one to welcome overnight guests.

What’s my lifestyle now and in the future?

Do you do a lot of entertaining, work from home, or participate in active outdoor sports? Entertaining requires space for people to eat and socialize. If you work from home, you’ll need to allocate space for a desk or office. And there’s a lot of gear associated with skiing, biking, or scuba diving – you’ll need space for that too.

Once you map out what’s important to you, you can make an intelligent decision on your right-size home.

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