It’s true what they say – location is everything. Yes, design is important when it comes to building a livable home, but location is the foundation.

When searching for an ideal place to build, we spend time immersed in and understanding each prospective neighbourhood – where it’s been and where it’s going.  We ask ourselves, “Would we live here?” and “What could we improve or add to the existing community?”

We look beyond the present and into the future. With thorough research and a glimpse inside the crystal ball, we contemplate the potential of a neighbourhood and how it may grow. While a location may not be very interesting now, it could be the next big thing in a couple of years.

What exactly makes a community great?


Having urban amenities – like grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, entertainment, and other shops and services – within reach increases quality of life. For a lot of people, convenience is a non-negotiable. The ability to easily grab dinner on the way home or walk down the street to run an errand is priceless. Education falls into this category too – families want to know their kids are close to schools and friends. We build in communities that are (or will be) rich with a diverse array of amenities. Our Orchard Park townhome development is just minutes from South Surrey’s Morgan Crossing and condos at FORTE are in the centre of Burnaby Heights.


There’s no denying that greenspaces contribute to good health. Strolls beside running water, runs along a forest trail, and games with the kids on an open lawn. Nearby nature is an essential, when we decide on a perfect neighbourhood. The townhomes of Creekside neighbour lush Kanaka Creek in Maple Ridge, while Canopy is right on the edge of Tynehead Park in Surrey.


Whether commuting to work or getting around town, accessibility is a key factor in any great location. We like to find places with easy access to major thoroughfares, highways, or transit. Residents at Creekside can hop on the West Coast Express and those at FORTE have buses passing by on Hastings.

At StreetSide, we’ll continue to search for the locations that make life meaningful for many years to come. Keep an eye on our upcoming projects to find a neighbourhood and home that’s right for you.