The world is smaller than ever now, thanks to the internet. You can discover décor and cultural trends across the globe without digging out your passport. (Although, we do recommend using your passport every now and again – the internet can’t replicate travel.) There are the vibrant colours of India, contemporary and open Australian architecture, and florals of the English countryside. Inspiration for your home can be found anywhere, in all corners of the map.

We’ll be putting together a few ways you can infuse your home with the world. In this blog post we travel to India, Cuba, and England…


The elements: Jewel Tones. Vibrancy. Shine. Prints.

Imagine: Swirls of Holi powders in the air. Exotic spices tiptoeing up your nose. The peaceful chime of brass bells.

India Collage

Image sources: Canadian Living. Pinterest. Celebrations Decor. Pinterest. HGTV.


The elements: Weathered Beauty. Candy Colours. Patterns. Tiles. Old Fashioned Glory.

Imagine: Wafts of cigar smoke. Rhumba on the breeze. Hemingway in your head. Sticky rum cocktails. Riding in a vintage American convertible with sea salt wind through your hair.

Cuba Collage

Image sources: Flickr. NYTimes. Gravity Home Blog. Anthropology. Pinterest.


The elements: Florals. Shabby Chic. Countryside. Soft. Pretty.

Imagine: Birds chirping in the trees. The heady smell of bread baking. Long walks along verdant country paths. The chords of classical music on BBC Radio 3.

England Collage

Image sources: Shabby Chic Mania. Caitlin Wilson. Pinterest. Pinterest.