Our journey to discover interior design styles around the world continues as we delve into Melbourne, Istanbul, and Montana. If you missed our first few posts, you can read parts one, two, and three to stamp your design passport.


The Elements: Open and Airy. Clean and Modern. Simple and Sophisticated. Natural and Neutral. Outside In.

Imagine: The heat of the day lingering into night. Jasmine blossoming along residential streets. The option of dining in secret urban alleys or on the sandy shoreline.


Images via Amy Bartlam, CJH Studio, Dylan Farrell, RD Vis, Scott Druce


The Elements: East meets West. Ancient with Modern. Colours. Opulence. Textiles. Craftsmanship.

Imagine: Colourful merchants in the labyrinths of the Grand Bazaar. Boat rides up the Bosporus. Layers of centuries-old history at every turn. The rich flavour of Turkish coffee fueling your day.


Images via Anthropologie, Autoban, Jaime Hayon, Pier 1, Soho House, ZF Design


The Elements: Rustic. Cozy. Warmth. Wood. The Land. Made by Hand. Mountain Retreat.

Imagine: Dirt swirling up by the force of horses’ hooves. Snow-covered mountains on all horizons. Wholesome home cooking. A connection with and respect for nature.


Images via Carter Kay Interiors, Pearson Design, Pinterest (unknown credit), Spy DIY Design, The Vintage Whites Market