There’s always lots happening in the world of kitchen gadgets. New inventions that make cooking easier, faster, or better are big business. Read on to discover a few of the latest or timeless gourmet toys – some weird, some practical. 

Electric Milk Frother: Create your favourite café drinks right at home with this easy-to-use milk frother. 

Food Sniffer: Yes, that’s right, a gadget that will smell your food. This device connects to your smartphone and can determine whether meat is fresh and safe to eat by measuring its gas levels. 

Bee’s wrap: You and the planet will love this alternative to plastic wrap. Store food in something reusable, natural, and sustainable – not wasteful. 

Reusable Paper Towels: While on the subject of environmentally friendly, these “paper” towels can be washed and used again.

Smart Garden: No green thumb? No problem. The Smart Garden does all the work for you, and you benefit from fresh herbs for the kitchen. 

Colour-Coded Cutting Board Set: Never fear cross-contamination when cutting anything from vegetables to fish to poultry. 

Japanese Slicer: With adjustable blades, you’ll slice vegetables to perfection – watch your fingers. 

Cut Resistant Gloves: Speaking of cut fingers, these heavy duty gloves protect you from knife slips or other sharp blades. 

Wireless Meat Thermometer: You don’t have to open the oven door to monitor the temperature of your roast, with this handy wireless thermometer. 

Spill Stopper: Forget overflowing pots, just pop one of these toppers on your saucepan.

Warming Butter Knife: Trying to spread cold butter on bread is one of life’s smaller frustrations, but something you can remedy with this neat butter knife.

Apple Divider: You and your kids are sure to get the daily fruit and fibre serving suggestion when it’s this easy to eat an apple.