Just because you don’t have a big backyard doesn’t mean you should give up your gardening hobby. There are plenty of plants you can nurture in a condo or townhome – it all comes down to finding the right tools and deciding on what to grow.

From Garden to Table

Herbs. When there’s a limit to the space you have, herbs are the easiest garden-to-table plant out there. Basil, mint, cilantro, thyme. They’ll all grow from your windowsill or balcony. Not only do these require minimal effort, you’ll also find you’re saving money at the grocery store.

Lemons. Lemons add an extra zesty flavor to meals and drinks. Did you know you can grow them inside your home? Rich in Vitamin C for boosting the immune system during the flu and cold seasons, the bright colour of lemons and their wonderful fresh scent immediately enhance the look and smell of their surroundings.

You can also try planting garlic, tomatoes, lettuce, and even ginger. Here are the details.

Just Plants

Succulents. These small plants don’t take up much space and add a fresh bit of greenery to any room. Place them close to a window and don’t water them too much. Minimal effort, gorgeous green décor.

Terrariums. These plants self-nourish inside closed or open containers and don’t require much maintenance. When you have limited space with natural light, terrariums are perfect as they can grow under artificial or indirect light.