A day or even an hour spent in nature is always time well spent. While a hike along a forest trail is all it takes to feel uplifted and revitalized for adults, there are more interactive ways you and your kids can benefit from nature. 

ROCK ART: While inhaling fresh ocean air, roam the shoreline in search of interesting rocks. Once you have an assortment, take them home to be washed or rinse them in the salty ocean. Gather some paint and brushes and create patterns. Once dried, you can display these on windowsills or in decorative bowls. 

SHELL WIND CHIMES: While you’re at the beach, comb through the sand and rocks to find beautiful shells. You’ll need sticks (or something else to hang the shells from), fishing line, and something sharp to carefully drill a hole into each shell. Hang your new wind chime in your yard or on your balcony.

PAINT BRUSHES: On your next forest walk, gather bunches of pine needles, leaves, or other foliage, plus a number of small sticks. Use twine or a rubber band to fashion the leaves to the stick. And then create forest art with paint!

PRESSED FLOWERS: Preserve wildflowers and other forest finds forever on your wall. Visit Lily Ardor for a full how-to tutorial. 

MASKS AND CROWNS: Become a member of forest royalty by crafting a mask or crown with nature’s treasures. Find a template for the mask here

NATURE HUNT: Create a list of scavenger hunt items for your kids to find in the forest or on the beach. Some treasures, like feathers, rocks, shells, or leaves, can be gathered in a basket or bag. And others, such as birds or insects, can be photographed. Have a fun reward ready for the winner!