The second instalment of Designing Interiors is all about Mid-Century Modern, a style still going strong in today’s interiors. If you missed the first blog on Art Deco, you can read it here.


There’s some debate as to when this style had its heyday. Some say it prospered between 1933 and 1965, while others arguably state it didn’t begin until after WWII in 1945 and continued until 1969. Regardless of the exact dates, Mid-Century Modern was born in a time when urban centres were growing, living spaces were shrinking, and new materials were being discovered.

Inspired by the Bauhaus trend in Germany, Mid-Century Modern was born in America by a group of designers, including Charles and Ray Eames, who favoured simplicity, function, and a connection to nature.

If it looks familiar, today’s popular Scandinavian decor is inspired by the simpleness of Mid-Century Modern.


Clean lines, organic curves, timelessness, minimal ornamentation, lots of functionality, natural materials, the introduction of plastic, statement chairs, houseplants, bar carts, bold colours.

MidCentury Style



Look no further than Mad Men to get in the groove of Mid-Century Modern. Imagine lengthy cocktail hours, large expanses of glass inviting nature inside, and a casualness that’s decidedly grownup.

MidCentury Feel