Halloween decorations are already everywhere – pumpkins aglow on patios, ghosts draped in trees, skeletons jangling in windows. With all those decorations in place, along with the crunch of leaves underfoot and October wind cracking branches, a spooky mood is a given. It’s time for make-believe and laughter and candy – and a little bit of fright.

To inspire the days leading up to Halloween, we’ve found some pretty impressive decorations from “Haunted Houses” across North America. Scroll down… if you dare.

Line your shelves with magic potion ingredients.

Photo: Lia Griffith

Make your guests battle bats (cut from black construction paper) on their way inside.

Photo: Martha Stewart

Cheesecloth doubles as spider webs.

Photo: Martha Stewart

Take your spider web to the next level by wrapping it around what looks like a body.

Photo: Pinterest

Leave your magic books lying around.

Photo: Pinterest

Invite a trio of invisible witches round for dinner.

Photo: Brooklyn Limestone

Decorative wedding bells covered in netting double as ghosts.

Photo: Pinterest

Ding Dong, the witch is dead.

Photo: Parents

Give a paranormal edge to family photos.

Photo: Country Living

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