Whether you live in a condo or a townhome, you may want to make your home appear larger than it is. There are several ways to achieve a spacious home, without extending your walls. Try these easy décor tricks to open up your space.

Improve Traffic Flow: Arrange your furniture to optimize the way you move through the room. You shouldn’t have to walk around furniture in a round-about fashion. Instead, position pieces so you can move in an efficient manner through the room. This may mean re-arranging your whole room or could be a simple two-inch shift.

Mirrors: Reflecting light around a room creates the illusion of space and depth. Try placing a large mirror across from a window. Or organize a wall of mirrors of different shapes and sizes.


Image source: Decoratio

Light Colours: A light, neutral colour on your walls will expand a room’s size, while dark colours close a room in. Consider light greys, creams, or pastels.

Clear Clutter: Minimize the clutter in your home and you’ll suddenly feel lighter. Get rid of stacked papers or unnecessary knickknacks that tend to take over your room’s surfaces, and adopt a minimalist, organized state.

Art: Hanging wall art at eye level, leaving more room above the art, will make your ceilings soar.

Think Proportions: Make sure your furniture is scaled for your room. Avoid big, bulky sofas paired with heavy, wood pieces. Instead, mix up the sizes and shapes to achieve a balance.